Thursday, May 22, 2014

PRO Lab Plus Series Products in Motion

What kind of motion do you need in your lab?
See our products in action
VSM-3 Vortex Mixer

VSN-5 Nutating Mixer

VSR-50 Lab Platform Rocker

VSOS-4P Orbital Shaker

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Questions you should ask when buying a homogenizer.

Lab Manager Magazine recently compiled the top 6 questions you should ask when buying a homogenizer.1

Here are our responses to them:

1.      How does this homogenizer differ from the competition?  What makes it superior in quality and cost effective for the scientist?
  • When it comes to homogenizing, the precision lies in the generator probe, the component that actually comes into contact with your sample.  No other homogenizer manufacturer puts as much research and quality into their generator probes as PRO Scientific does and this is what sets us apart from our competition.
  • PRO Generator Probes are
    • Manufactured with decades of experience
    • High precision durable pieces of equipment that are built to last
    • Constructed from 316SS and designed to be chemically compatible with your research
    • Precision crafted with a very narrow/tight clearance between the inner rotation shaft and outer tube/chamber, which allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you get the results you want each and every time
    • Interlocking design of generator probe and homogenizer unit provides safety and no vibration
    • Designed to be anti-foaming in design and are very easy to take apart and clean in between samples
    • Full line of replacement parts are available, thereby extending the life of this valuable piece of equipment
    • Feature a full 2-Year Warranty

2.      What accessories are necessary to run the unit?

3.      Does the company offer demo units for the scientist to test out?
  • After working with you to evaluate your needs, we are happy to arrange a two week conditional demo/purchase

4.      Does the company offer application and technical phone support before / after the product purchase?
  • Absolutely! 
  • From sub-cellular analysis to high volume applications, PRO Scientific homogenizers have been the industry leader for over two decades.  We have an extensive application database and our application specialists are happy to work with you in regards to custom applications.
  • Furthermore, we know our job doesn't end once the product is shipped out.  We want to make sure our product suits your needs and if it doesn't we are happy to work with you in adjusting your application or adjusting your equipment needs.
  • In the rare occurrence that something goes wrong with your equipment if it even it needs a little tune-up, we have fully-trained service technicians to work with you to get your equipment back up and running like new.

5.      Ask about replacements in case the product parts break down with use.
  • PRO Homogenizers and Generator Probes have a 2-year warranty
  • With proper maintenance your homogenizing equipment can last ten plus years!
  • Our mechanical generator probes contain PTFE bearings and/or washers that prevent metal on metal rubbing of these rotor-stator generators and this PTFE material will wear with use. 
  • Complete replacement parts for our generator probes are available.

6.      Finally, ask about the cost of the purchase, installation charges and warranty extension costs.
  • PRO Scientific is the only manufacturer with as comprehensive of a homogenizer line.  From economical micro-homogenizing packages to larger automated pieces of homogenizing equipment, we have a homogenizer for every budget. 
  • Our basic equipment requires no installation while our automated system includes installation by a PRO Scientific representative.
  • All PRO Homogenizers feature an extensive 2-year warranty

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1 “Are you in the market for a…Homogenizer?” Lab Manager 9.3 (2014): 75. Print.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Picking out a tissue homogenizer is as easy as....1, 2, 3

1. Download the sales flier.

Download Homogenizer Package Flier

2. Use our flow-through chart selection guide to choose the package that best suits your needs.

Homogenizer Packages:


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3. See our homogenizer packages in action!

Homogenize in tubes from .5ml up to 50ml with our Micro-Homogenizing Packages!
Avoid cross-contamination with our Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizing Packages!

Special Offers:

Multi-Sample Homogenizing Package

Avoid cross contamination
Process several samples at once

Sale Price: $1,760.80
Compared at: $2,478.00

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Green Homogenizing

Is your homogenizer green?

Concerned about cross contamination between samples while homogenizing?

Multi-Gen Homogenizer Probes are the only green homogenizing choice.

Green Homogenizer

With Multi-Gen Probes the savings are three-fold

  • Environment - No plastic probes to throw away.  Reduce your footprint with a Multi-Gen Probe.
  • Time - No need to stop and clean a probe in between samples.  The Multi-Pack design means each sample is processed with a clean generator probe.
  • Money - Stop wasting your lab's money on a plastic consumable.  Buy the Multi-Gen probes once, there is no repeat expense or replacement cost.

Multi-Gen Homogenizer Probes

Multi-Gen 7 and Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizer probes are;
· Perfect for all types of samples, soft to the toughest
· Homogenize in microtubes to 50ml tubes
· Without risk of cross contamination and cleaning in between samples
· Cost effective over plastic disposable generator probes
· Sterilize by any cleaning method (flaming, autoclaving or chemical cleaning)
· Compatible with all PRO homogenizer models
· The only “green” homogenizing choice for your lab

Here are just some of the many application references of homogenizing with a PRO Scientific Homogenizer and Multi-Gen Probes